Maico Camilo, born in Brazil 1982.  He has travelled extensively, up into Europe and then lived and worked for an extended period of time in New Zealand and Australia.  These experiences have opened him up to the different cultures and environments that have helped him explore the larger questions we all face in life: our reason for being.

Maico studied International Relations towards a degree but made a clear decision to move on and establish his capacity to live and learn the art world, so that he could pursue his passion for art.

Camilo has set about exploring his own journey through his art, challenging his own paradigms and his reason for being and not being afraid to explore different vocabularies and communication forms through his art.  He is challenging us all to confront the obvious, in terms of what is going on around us. 

Maico’s artworks have become part of several international and influential art collections around the globe as well as hanging in a leading action house.

He is currently working on a series of 12 large scale Sydney Landscapes, partnering with one of Australia’s leading financial institutions, which will be delivered by 2022.

There is also a major Sydney contemporary piece, called Sydney In Vivid, being placed in the new building of St Andrews College (sponsored by

Maico Camilo spends his time between Brazil, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

Represented by:

Axis Gallery – Cape Town

Hout Bay Art Gallery – Cape Town

You&I Art Gallery – Cape Town

Edg2020 Art Gallery – Johannesburg

ARTSY – Global

Kooness – Global