Fragments of the Mind – Series

This series examines the delicate balance of the mind and the intricacies of our thoughts, our emotions and our mental imagery. We think therefore we are, and the incredible volume of thoughts that we are capable of create layers and complexities beyond our conscious understanding. And while so many of our thoughts are similar, they are different and unique, in the same way that these panels are similar but different, unique in their layering and complexity. This series is again fully crusted on material as you can see per weight described above and can not be rolled up due to materials used.

Material used: Acrylic Paint, Oil Paint, Enamel Paint, Acrylic Sealant, Cement, Gesso, Liquid Glass (epoxy) and Polyurethane.

Size: 180cm x 170cm – duck canvas 410gsm and stretched.

Weight: 16kgs – 20kgs, This Series are not to be rolled up due to material used.