Lost within my Own Self – Series

This series explores the complex relationship between father and son, drawing on his own experiences. The journey of painting these pieces deals with Camilo’s sexuality and his father’s non-acceptance, as well as his father’s mental health issues, especially in relation to the quite horrible Alzheimer’s Disease post a horrific accident crash. The decline in thinking and social skills and the inability to function independently is explored, as Camilo links the state of mind, both in the inability to accept, as well as to think and function independently

Material used: Acrylic Paint, Acrylic Sealant, Cement and Polyurethane.

Size: 180x170x7cm – duck canvas 410gsm and stretched.

Weight: 13kgs – 16kgs – This Series are not to be rolled up due to material used.

Crusted artworks and this can not be rolled up due to materials used