TE TAUNGA GALLERY March – 10 Oct 2023

An exhibition Showcasing a collaboration of contemporary art by interdisciplinary Brazilian artists.

Internal Saboteur, 2023, 2200 x 2000 x 50mm

Maico Camilo and his husband Lyndon Bray at the opening, picture above

Internal Saboteur Series

All of us have an internal ‘voice’ that acts as a disrupter to our happiness and potential success. The Internal Saboteur captures the impact of this, with the figures portraying different emotions and feelings, good and bad, positive and negative, it is indeed a chaotic world that we live in and sometimes we are so desperate to avoid.The development of this series was inspired by what it looks like when someone faces their own internal demons.

We live in a society where we are constantly judged, with all of us being our own worst critics. This body of work demonstrates how these thoughts cause us to feel, highlighting what it looks like to be pulled in two different directions at once.We all have our Internal Saboteur; it is deeply embedded within our minds and for some of us it is more active than for others.  The inner voice we all possess is potentially exacerbated by the noise of the online world, and our interaction with the often-toxic social media creates the risk of us triggering our negative self-talk, reinforcing our own view of ourself and how we believe the world perceives us, spiralling us into self-doubt and a lack of a sense of belonging.

The figurations within the works are a result of an exploration into the source of our self-sabotage. It brings to the surface our own awareness of this often-vicious cycle. Maico Camilo has been exploring this topic for many years now and for him this was the right time to bring it out into the open and to help others who suffer from this inner voice. These works have no answers as to what is real or not, but ultimately, they open the door to questions which at some point we all must face. In summary, while the internal saboteur can be a powerful force that holds us back, it is possible to face and overcome it. By becoming aware of our negative self-talk and limiting beliefs, practicing self-compassion and self-care, and seeking support from others, we can break free from our self-sabotaging patterns and achieve our full potential. Maico Camilo’s work on the Internal Saboteur serves as a reminder that we all struggle with this inner voice, but with perseverance and self-awareness, we can triumph over it.



It is wonderful to be able to share the news that I am now officially being represented by ARTBAY GALLERY

ArtBay Gallery is located in one of the most luxurious and sought-after locations in Queenstown and is at the forefront of contemporary art in New Zealand. It is a privilege to be a part of this amazing gallery and to be alongside other powerful artists represented by ArtBay Gallery.

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13 Marine Parade Queenstown New Zealand

“I work with unplanned subjects, drawn from life experiences and acute observation of the world around me”



Born in Brazil 1982, and left his home country to pursue his education at an early age. At age 23, He had decided to make a new move to New Zealand and subsequently met his partner and now husband (Lyndon Bray).

Maico Camilo is an expressive painter, adopting hybrid elements such as Abstract expressionism, neo-expressionism and abstract figurative to his works.

Due to his partner’s job, Maico has travelled extensively up into Europe, Asia, South America and Oceania. Maico Camilo has been a Professional Contemporary Artist for almost 2 decades, a business owner, philanthropist and is represented internationally.

He has been invited to exhibit in some major Art locations such as New York, LA, Milan, Paris, Sydney, Tokyo and Venice, amongst other art capitals.

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Infinite Bloom is a stunning and unique abstract artwork that draws its inspiration from the natural world.

The piece is fully crusted on materials, giving it a textured and tactile surface that adds to its visual appeal.

The artist behind the piece has skill-fully captured the essence of nature and translated it into an abstract form that is both beautiful and thought-provoking…

INFINITE BLOOM 4, 200 X 170 X 4CM | 2023 ( SOLD )

Encrypted Emotion 8, 180 x 170cm

Lost within my own self 4, 180 x 170cm

I Can see you, 180 x 170cm

Untitled 210 x 170cm (SOLD)

Levitating thought, 210 x 170cm

Contemplation 8, 210 x 170cm

Bespoke In Situ

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