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Maico Camilo has just received an invitation to showcase his artworks in one of Italy’s biggest and most prestigious art fair. ECC – European Cultural Center, happening in Venice ITALY 2022 @ Palazzo Bembo.

Lost Within My Own Self (2020), grew from the exploration of the complex relationship between father and son, drawing on my own experiences.  The journey of painting these works deals with sexuality and mental health issues, especially in relation to the deterioration of the mind suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease.  The decline in thinking and social skills and the inability to function independently is explored, as I link the state of mind, both in the inability to accept, as well as the inability to think and function independently. Each work explores a degree of expression, where it draws the viewer into a state of contemplation.  The layers of the works build up a darkness of thought and feeling that, just like the personal challenges explored above, also delves into the realities of dealing with a world as it is in these current circumstances, challenging our own sanity and identity.  Just as we hide the layers of our mental health and our emotional well being, so these works give a voice to those many layers, with hidden elements coming to light, forcing us to face the brutality of a senseless life.

This runs very closely to my heart as it is and has been my own journey, Maico Camilo

180x170x4cm – 2021

Circle of Life 2020

Maico Camilo artworks are heavily crusted in materials, some of the artworks can weigh up to 30 kilos, due to the materials used to create his magnificent pieces of art.

His latest artworks have been acquired by the biggest Art Auction House in South Africa (Strauss) and now added to their Art Collection, along with other institutions and private collectors around the world.

240x200x4cm – 2021




Art gives meaning to our lives and helps us understand our world. It is an essential part of our culture because it allows us to have a deeper understanding of our emotions; it increases our self-awareness, and also allows us to be open to new ideas and experiences...

250x180x4cm – 2020


This is a significant work, not only in size but in stature. The panels represent structure, but the break in the black and grey panels, with bursts of colour, leaves the viewer wondering what lies in behind’, thus creating the definition of the word obfuscation in pictorial form.


Available for sale

Incognito 2021

The secret is in the title! The comic figure is clearly evident but leaves you second guessing the form and plays on the concept of us all at times in our lives being something other than ourselves…


My artworks are now all over the World such as: Brazil, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, England, France, Spain, Amsterdam, Italy, United States of America, Hong Kong, Japan…

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Maico Camilo is an Artist focused on large scale works…

Some artworks sold recently and shipped all over the Globe.

Solo Exhibition & Charity Art Auction October 2022

In partnership with Macquarie Bank and Black Dog Institute.

From the first large scale Sydney landscape “Sydney Vivid 2017” to now, Maico Camilo has taken it a step further and is developing/creating a whole new series for an extraordinary cause.

Series of Artworks sized: 180x250cm Location 1 Martin Place, Sydney – AUSTRALIA


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