Artist Statement

I work with unplanned subjects, drawn from life experiences and acute observation of the world around me, are the source of my inspiration. My work opens an invitation to discover for ourselves what we perceive we are seeing. I deliberately diminish the clarity and then the final step within the artwork is creating a linear view of the world, providing the definition that we are searching for in each piece.

In this way I am drawing the viewer into a state of reflection. By way of example, my most recent pieces provide a more ‘figurative’ aspect to the works. The viewer can readily identify a ‘human figure’, with each artwork intentionally demonstrating the figure in an almost comical or grotesque position. Again, but in a different way, asking us to reflect on the emotional element of the human state.

With each piece I start my own journey of self-discovery, ultimately providing the platform for my subconscious to become conscious and the artwork can then stand on its own, bringing the unplanned subject that I started with to life.

As an Artist I am driven by inclusiveness, collaboration and creating a sense of wonder and gratitude, increasingly my studio practice is motivated by passion and unlocking new ways to see life though art.